ATEX Brezina Design

Michal Březina is not only an extraordinary figure skater but it has proved that he also has some great ideas. So we put our heads together and created this exclusive sports clothes line that suits everyone.

Michael and his sister Eliška wear these sportswear in their free time but also as a line-up clothes while performing. It is for example when they return from the ice rink after their performance and wait for the results.

You have to admit that ATEX Březina clothes have style. The design represents the Czech Republic by its colours and therefore encourages to achieve the best results. The quality material and cut will never disappoint you nor limit you. It fits both women and men so all you are left to focus on is your performance. So does Michael and Eliška.

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Single-layer cap BREZINA

price 12.0 EUR


Universal scarf BREZINA

price 10.0 EUR


Sweatshirt BREZINA

price 63.6 EUR


Sports jacket BREZINA

price 87.2 EUR